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Laurie. Canadian. Anglophile. Richard Armitage is my one true love ❤  My other bfs of the moment: Lee Pace, Sam Heughan, JJ Feild, James McAvoy ... and all manner of delish.  I do a ton of reblogging, but I also enjoy making original thingys (click on the Stuff I Made link ^ to see some kick-ass shiz). I love to laugh, and I have been known to use the odd swear word or twenty. I read ALL of your tags, because tagging is the . WELCOME one and all.  P.S. I don't automatically follow back but if you think we have similar interests, feel free to send me a message and I'll check out your blog and we can probs be BFFs. 

I don’t speculate too much about the future. That’s the thing about this job – it’s so fickle. You take the jobs, you read the scripts and, if something interests you and you like the people who are working on it, you go for it. If not, you take a break.

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The Avengers as a Western

Steve is the Sheriff. Clint is his deputy. Tony is the Blacksmith. Natasha runs the Saloon. Bruce is the physician with a split personality and Thor gets into a hell of a lot of tavern brawls.

Together, however, they manage to bring order to the once corrupt town of Triskelion.

Remember The Avengers as a 70s Cop Drama? A Western might be cooler.

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